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Don't Tie Up Cash in Your Equipment!

Use equipment financing to keep your working capital and bank lines available to fund your day-to-day operations and business growth. This way when opportunities arise, you’ll have the available cash flow to pursue them.

Fortunate enough to have deep financial reserves?
Equipment financing still makes sense from a cost/benefit point of view. Rather than lay out all the money up front, let your equipment pay for itself with the revenue it creates.

Get the best terms available:

  • Fast & Easy $150,000 - No financials required*
  • Fast & Easy $50,000 (For Start-Up Companies) – No financials required*
  • Transactions over $150,000 require full financial disclosure.
  • Competitive Fixed Rates – Starting at 4.9%
  • 110% Financing – To cover added “Soft-Cost” such as shipping, sales tax.
  • Clean Contracts – No hidden “End of Term” language.
  • No Payments For 90 Days – Generate cash flow before payments start.
  • Seasonal Payments – Coordinate payment schedule with workflow.
  • Flexible Guidelines – Ability to approval tougher credits.
  • Corporate Only Approvals – No personal guarantees for qualified credits
* Transactions over $150,000 and sub-prime credit may require full financial disclosure

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